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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) we get about our social connection services. Keep scrolling to the end of the page to view a list of other important resources or ask a new question.

Question 1: What is the hourly charge for the service providers?

Members set their own hourly rate, please check their profiles for their rate.

Question 2: What is the minimum booking time?

Members can set their own minimum booking time, please discuss this with them before the start of the date. Generally the minimum is 2-3 hours.

Question 3: How do I pay for my chosen service provider?

You should pay your selected service provider in any of the methods listed in their profiles (cash, mobile money etc) at the start of the date. All payment goes to the registered member, we do not take a cut of any earnings.

Question 4: As a guest, am I expected to cover all costs during the date?

Yes, you should pay for all costs during the date eg, food, drinks etc. You may also pay for the escorts travel expenses to and fro the date.

Question 5: Where should I arrange to meet the escort?

It is totally up to both of you to discuss and suggest somewhere to meet, however we would suggest meeting in a public place such as a restaurant.

Question 6: Can I speak to my escort before the date?

Yes, you will first need to login to your account and communicate to the escort so you can make arrangements before the date. If you are taking them to a social event then it is a good idea to brief him/her on the event and agree on your story of where you met, how you know each other, etc.

Question 7: How can i be sure that you will keep my privacy?

We take the privacy of all our members very seriously. We make it our business. None of your info will be put to open at any given time, no matter the circumstances.

Question 8: I'm NEW to this whole online thing, how does it work?

As a prospective guest/vip or service provider, you will be required to create an account with us. Having a personal account comes with a pack of privileges for you. As a guest, you will have the opportunity to view profiles of all registered members and interact with them right away... Please click here to sign up now.

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